Progress and Knocked Silly

May 5, 2021

On Monday, we had a structural engineer come and look at the house. There were some cracks in the sheetrock along the stairs that worried our realtor. I know we have shifting soil in this area, so her worries were catching. The structural engineer looked at everything and said there had been some minor shifting with the slab, but the foundation was in good shape. The outside walls and roof were fine. This made our realtor and us happy.

She brought over the signs yesterday evening. We will start showing the house this weekend.

Yesterday evening, I was wearing a hat when we got to the RV. What does wearing a hat have to do with anything? Well, the brim blocked my view of anything directly above my head, which caused me to knock myself silly.

We don’t leave the lights on in the RV when we leave. The master controller is in a cabinet at the kitchen steps.

Top Cabinet at the Steps Has the Controller (The lean is me not holding the phone straight.)

Bruce had left the cabinet door open when he had turned off the lights from the controller when we left in the morning.

When we got back to the dark inside of the RV in the evening, I wanted to put the large box of kitchen supplies I was carrying out of the way so I could turn on the lights. The open cabinet door was up high enough that my hat brim blocked my view of it. I turned toward the kitchen, intending to put the box on the kitchen floor at at the top of steps before turning on the lights. I started bending down to put the box down, when WHAM! I hit the top of head on the open cabinet door! Ouch! The hat brim hid the open cabinet door, so I didn’t see it when I entered the RV.

Bruce caught the end of action, the muted scream, and realized I had brained myself. His instant response, “Are you alright?” was met with “No.”

He had me sit while he unloaded the truck. For the rest of the evening, I took it easy and by bed time, the pain had reduced to a low throb. This morning I have a sore spot on the top of my head, just above my forehead. Brushing my hair this morning was not fun! I was really afraid I was going to have this huge bruise on my forehead. If I have a bruise, my hair covers it, so no one can see it.

I learned a very painful lesson. Make sure the cabinet door is closed before doing anything around the kitchen steps!

I am now also wondering if the swinging door can be replaced with a sliding door.

8 thoughts on “Progress and Knocked Silly

    1. We’ve lived here for 15 years. It is the longest we’ve lived in one house since we’ve been married. I hope the next people who buy the house will love it as much as we do.

      My head still hurts from hitting it. I always hate it when I do something like that.


      1. When we moved seven years ago, the movers took a look around and estimated (accurately) how long we had lived there. I guess there is an unwritten formula for the estimate, based on the amount of junk scattered about.

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      2. We intended to downsize, but we moved to a house with more square feet and proceeded to fill it with relatives and their junk. We can’t use the garage any more, but we can still walk through the house.

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  1. Whew! Dodged a potential bullet on the foundation issue. You are selling at the absolute perfect timing! Protip: there are easier and less painful ways to get out of unloading the truck. 😈

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