A Bunch of Firsts

March 2, 2021

Yesterday had several firsts for us.

  • Pulling a 5th wheel
  • Getting fuel with the camper attached
  • Stopping at rest stops with the camper
  • Having the driver side of the camper meet some tree branches and get scratched 😒 (we think it happened at the first rest area)
  • Staying in our new home for the first time!
  • Staying in a campground in our new home!

This morning, we got up and headed over to the campground bathroom. Our camper is winterized so we couldn’t use our bathroom. We got ready, made sure everything was put away and then Bruce figured out how to pull out of our camping site.

He got out and walked around several times. I also watched and warned of problems. We got out of the campground with no problems. Slow and easy. Thanks to Trish and Mark from Keep Your Daydream, we knew should stop and get out and check to make sure the rig was where we needed it to be.

We are almost to St. Louis and we are still traveling at 50 miles an hour due to the manual saying the first 500 miles, don’t go over 50 miles.

4 thoughts on “A Bunch of Firsts

  1. How exciting! I remember my first trip. And I do miss my 4 years I spent in mine. My day will come again! Be safe and stay blessed! By the way, you’re not too far from me. I’m in Branson, MO. Come and camp here sometime!

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