The Second Day of Towing

March 2, 2021

The campground was beautiful this morning as we tried to leave as quietly as possible at 6:40 AM. We walked around the campground a little bit. It was a pretty place.

We used Allstays to figure out were to get fuel and to see when rest stops were coming up. We are big enough with the 65 foot rig to need to use the truck lanes to fuel up.

We made it into Kansas tonight and thought we would stay at a “big rig” friendly hotel. The Super 8 claimed to be big rig friendly. Bruce got his first experience backing up the rig. It was not easy. It took several tries. He was slow and careful and had me on the walkie talkie to make sure he didn’t hit a car that was in a really bad spot or the other RV (class C). The two pros that came in after us weren’t happy either. One said that he would never stay here again due to their misleading information.

Bruce and I plan to take a class on how to handle the rig, but they require you to have your own rig before taking the class.

We probably will stay somewhere in Colorado tomorrow night. While it would be lovely to make it home tomorrow, we don’t want to over do it. Bruce isn’t keen on the idea of trying to get some place in the dark.

9 thoughts on “The Second Day of Towing

  1. Having watched the antics hundreds of times I can assert that the major cause of divorce among RVers is the interaction with the spouse when backing into a tight spot. “Left, left…no YOUR left, my right. I can’t see you when you stand behind the RV. Talk to me don’t just wave your hands. Etc.”

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    1. I am using the terms driver side and passenger side. It works well. Bruce and I are going to take a class so we can better communicate about how to handle the parking of the rig.


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