Covering the Steps in the RV

March 29, 2021 Nox frightened Bruce and me when she slipped on the RV stairs and fell behind them when we went to check on the RV after the big snow. While Nox wasn’t hurt and didn’t seem to mind the spill, since she landed on her feet behind the steps, Bruce and I agreed […]

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Fun Evening at Wrigley’s

March 29, 2021 On March 28, for supper, we walked from the RV park to Wrigley’s Chicago Bar and Grill in Golden, CO. Wrigley’s had a live band playing covers. The band was excellent; their female vocalist was impressive. While we looked over the menus, Bruce ordered an on-tap hoppy beer and I ordered a lemonade. […]

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Bad Pedestal at RV Park

March 27, 2021 On March 19, we went to spend the night in the RV. We got there and unpacked some items. I made up the bed with the new mattress pad and sheets. Everything fit the bed, which was a relief. I set up my phone to be a hot spot, which was very […]

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First RV Accessories

March 27, 2021 I am glad I have been watch RV channels on YouTube and reading RV blogs. If not, I would have been surprised by the number of additional accessories the RV needs. What came with the RV: LCI Waste Management System (20 foot sewer hose system) 50 amp power cord (I am not […]

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Sprouted Wheat Dinner Rolls

I modified the “Dinner Rolls for Aunt Agatha” recipe from The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book for my dinner roll recipe. I recently made these and carried them to Jeannie’s from a party last Saturday. See A Carnivores’ Gathering – A Jeanne in the Kitchen Serves 24

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