The Great Conjunction

December 22, 2020

Bruce and I were excited about the great conjunction. We lucked out, the sky was clear, so we could see Jupiter and Saturn appear so close together. The day before, it had been cloudy, so we weren’t sure we would be able to see it.

Bruce got out his two telescopes and set them up while I waited inside where it was warm. I haven’t been feeling well since Friday, but I really did want to see the great conjunction.

Once Bruce had the small telescope set up, he got me to come out to see it. Once I looked for a bit, I went back inside. As it got darker, he set up his large telescope and came and got me. I was able to see Saturn’s rings and four of Jupiter’s moons. It was beautiful to see and I glad I got see the great conjunction.

9 thoughts on “The Great Conjunction

  1. WE, too, lucked out with a clear night and gazed at the conjunction from the hot tub using binoculars. Does it get any more poster child for Southern California than that? Max slept through the event and I suppose Miss Noxema did too.

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