Resting with Nox

December 28, 2020

Last Monday, I went for a COVID test, the one were you swab the inside of your mouth, and it came back negative. Since I continue to have a hacking cough, today I went to the doctor to see if I have bronchitis.

The doctor’s office did another COVID test and this one was the way back in the nose. No pneumonia, thankfully, but they do believe I have bronchitis.

Last week, I felt so tired; I really couldn’t do much but rest and Nox kept me company. Nox spent most of last week resting with me. She snuggled my feet and kept them warm for me.

Categories: dog

10 thoughts on “Resting with Nox

    1. Yes, that is the best way to sleep, having a dog warm your feet! I rested downstairs in the library. I could doze off. At random times, Bruce was fixing the ceiling. That was a joke at work for a while. They could see the hole in the ceiling from the toilet leak above.


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