Driving to Moab, UT From Golden, CO

October 2, 2020

On September 26th (Saturday) morning, we packed up the truck and headed out at 7:50 AM. We checked the traffic on I-70 and luckily, it wasn’t backed up, so we head out along I-70. To me, I-70 through the Rocky Mountains is one of the most beautiful sections of interstate in the country.

The aspens poured down the mountains in golden streams, with splashes of gold against the green of the various conifers. Unfortunately, in some sections of I-70, it looked like half of evergreens were dead, most likely killed by the pine beetle.

We stopped at the rest area in Parachute, CO. It was a very clean rest area with a story about a train robbery carved out in stone.

We stopped in Fruita, CO and there is an upcoming post about our visit there. Our time in Fruita allowed us to arrive in Moab, UT at our campground (OK RV Park) just after 4:00 PM. We would have been early otherwise.

We unloaded the truck and put our things into the RV. The food went into the fridge and the clothes got hung up, as there weren’t any drawer to put the clothes in. We put underwear and socks at the bottom of the cabinets that we hung our clothes in.

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