Two Mornings in Arches

October 1, 2020

We tried to get into Arches National Park on Sunday (September 27th) around 10 o’clock, but the park was full with a significant wait to get into the park. We got up at 6 o’clock on both Monday and Tuesday, which allowed us to get to the park at 7 o’clock. Both days we got to see the sunrise in the park. The lighting was very dramatic.

Day 1 – We stopped at various pull offs and hiked out to a balancing rock. We parked in the parking lot for the Double Arches, the North and South windows, and Turret Arch. We hiked all around the area, including the primitive trails. We then hiked the trail to see the Delicate Arch. We couldn’t get into the first parking lot, so we parked in the second lot. The second lot had a different trail that didn’t get you close to the Delicate Arch, but provided a stunning view of it. We tried to see the Devil’s Garden which is at the end of the park road, but there was no parking available. We left the park, agreeing to come back tomorrow to see some Devil’s Garden of the park.

Day 2 – As we headed to the Devil’s Garden, the sun came up. We stopped to watch it rise in a couple of spots. At the Devil’s Garden, there were many interesting rock formations, as well as deer! The deer were next to the trail by the Tunnel Arch. We saw the Tunnel Arch and the Landscape Arch. We saw a fallen arch. Bruce climb up a slick rock trail that I didn’t feel comfortable trying.

Pictures do not do Arches justice. If you get a chance, I highly recommend that you go and see Arches National Park. It is stunning!

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