Getting Rid of More Clothes Downsizing (7)

February 17, 2020

Last Wednesday, our department at work announced a clothing drive, “Boots to Suits” from February 17th to March 13th. This drive is to help support our veterans transition from the military to the classroom and then from the classroom to the workforce.

They are accepting:

  • Interview appropriate business suits and blouses
  • Business separates including skirts, dresses, blazers, slacks and jackets
  • Work appropriate shoes
  • Jewelry, scarves, and belts
  • Work appropriate handbags, purses, briefcases or portfolios

I decided to included ties, as Bruce had a lot of nice ties that he won’t wear again.

Bruce and I went through our closets again on Sunday. Bruce tried on clothes to see if they would fit, and if they didn’t fit, they went in the donate pile. I looked through my suites, and the ones that no longer fit went into the donate pile. I also looked at my blouses and shells, and decided to donate items that I no longer wear. I added a couple of belts and shoes that I found. I may go back and look at some of my older purses. I do need to get rid of these things. Bruce went through his ties, and saved six of them. The rest of the ties, he determined he didn’t need and could give away.

It helps that my office changed our dress code recently to allow us to wear jeans most days, so I’m no longer wearing a suit most of the time. I don’t feel the least bit bad about donating suits that I could wear, if I just lost an extra five or ten pounds, since I’m not wearing suits all the time now.

I have a clothes basket full of clothes to donate, and I felt we made more progress in getting rid of things, in a positive way.

Clothes Waiting to Be Donated

3 thoughts on “Getting Rid of More Clothes Downsizing (7)

  1. Specific clothing drives are wonderful. I have a rule for living in an RV. If you buy something, you must give away something, whether it is a clothes item or a kitchen item or whatever item. It’s really easy to find yourself becoming a hoarder if you don’t do that. Sometimes it’s really hard, especially with clothes and shoes but space in an RV is everything.

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    1. I expect I am going to have to get rid of a lot more clothes. I have a good size closet, and I know I’m not going to be able to keep all the clothes and shoes I have.


  2. I’ve had my storage unit for 5 years. While in the RV the last 3, I do what was mentioned above. I donate for any item I may have “added”. It’s taken me 3 years of truly downsizing and donating. I gave my “Monday pants, my Tuesday pants, etc.,,lol! Actually I was this way in a school setting too~and cherished the “jeans” day Fridays. We live in a tourist town. And poverty level is high. I’ve decided to carry my “older” clothes in my car to give to those standing on streets. I use to help deliver meals. I gave a lady a pair of extra gloves while standing on a corner in spitting rain and ice. She was thankful even though I didn’t hand her cash. ❣️

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