Luna’s New Fashion Statement

February 14, 2020

The first time we went out to buy Luna a sweater, Bruce said, “I can’t believe we have become the people that put clothes on their dog.” Nox has enough fur to keep warm, but Luna, my little sun loving dog, doesn’t have a lot of fur, and she gets cold. She has a few sweaters to keep her warm, two lighter weight sweaters, and two heavy sweaters, as well as a jacket that we put on her when taking her outside when it is below 25 degrees F. I tell her, “It’s cold, cold.” and she knows that the jacket will help keep her warm when we go outside.

Since she’s lost so much weight due to her kidney problems, her sweaters just hang on her. She’s come up with a funny trick. She curls up in a ball to nap, and when she gets up, she’s managed to pull her front legs through the neck of her sweater. She’ll walk around and the sweater will slid off her back and past her back legs, and onto the floor.

An update on Luna’s health: She’s eating more and the fluid injections do seem to be helping. On Tuesday, after the fluid injection on Monday, she was really playful and she ate plenty of food. I would love to see her gain more weight, but the weight gain is slow going. We can’t force her to eat, just offer her food. Some days she doesn’t eat much, and other days, she eats quite a bit. I’d love to see her over 5 pounds. She ate plenty of food this morning, but yesterday, she didn’t eat anything until just before bed.

She’ll run over when I put the food dish down, and sniff at it. Sometimes, she slowly backs up, and looks at me like I’m trying to poison her. It is clear that the dog food was not what she wanted. Other times, she sniffs at it, and starts eating.

I bought Mattie’s healthy treats for dogs with kidney disease for her, as the regular milk bone treats that we had been giving her were no longer safe for her. I am pleased to say she loves the new treats.

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