Luna Won’t Eat Her Prescription Dog Food

February 20, 2020 (2/20/2020)

Saturday was the last day that Luna ate her prescription dog food. I don’t know what is going on in her little head. Sunday morning, I tried to feed her the prescription canned dog food and she acted like I had offended her. I just don’t get it. She was gobbling up the food on Saturday. So, I opened up another can of prescription dog food, as I thought maybe she’d like beef stew instead of chicken. Nope, Luna didn’t want it, but Nox managed to get a mouthful before being told off.

We kept offering the prescription dog food to Luna. We took up the kibble, and offered the prescription dog food to Luna throughout the day. She just wouldn’t eat it. We put the kibble down for Nox, and Luna ran over and started eating it. Since we saw Luna eating, we knew she was hungry, and I put the prescription dog food down for her. I could almost see her thinking, “Oh, what’s this. What, I don’t want this. I want my kibble.” She refused to eat the prescription dog food.

I was hoping that on Monday after the fluid injection, that she’d be more interested in eating. She was more interested in eating, but what she wanted is kibble.

We have tried for several days now to get her to eat her prescription dog food. Bruce and I look at each other with worry in our eyes, and say, well, at least she’s eating something.

She won’t be tricked either. I’ve broken up the Matties treats I bought for her and put the pieces into the dog food. She finds the treats and in the dog food and leaves the dog food behind. She loves the Matties treats.

The vet said it wouldn’t hurt if she ate some kibble, but now that is all she is eating, and it isn’t good for her to just eat it. We may try her on prescription kibble, since she won’t eat the canned dog food.

If she won’t eat prescription kibble, KDKH provided me a link about making food for dogs using people food: I may be making Luna homemade dog food from now on.

2 thoughts on “Luna Won’t Eat Her Prescription Dog Food

  1. My sweet dog faced boy, Jack, has been gone for years now but when he was an older fella, he wouldn’t eat as he normally would so I would feed him out of my hand. Not sure why, but he would then eat. Have you tried that with Luna?

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