To the Park in the Truck

January 22, 2020

On Sunday (1/19), the weather was very nice. It was sunny with a few clouds, and the temp was in the high 40’s – low 50’s F. It seemed like a great time to take Luna and Nox out for their first ride in the new truck.

We have one hard sided pet taxi that both dogs fit in to. They like being together and and it is easier to handle just one pet taxi. They love the pet taxi or maybe they love what it means. WALK!!! (I think they forget about the vet until they have to go.)

When Bruce brought the pet taxi up from storage, the dogs were ecstatic about the pet taxi. They tried to get into the pet taxi as Bruce was trying to put it down. The door was locked, so Nox was busy pawing at it trying to get it open. She can open the door when it is not locked.

We put on the dogs’ harnesses and let them get into the pet taxi. They were so waggy. Their entire bodies were wiggling as they climbed into the pet taxi.

Bruce carried the pet taxi out to the truck and put it in the back seat. It seems so strange to have a back seat in the truck. The trucks of my childhood didn’t offer that.

Bruce drove us to a local park and parked in the extended parking. He took out the pet taxi and the dogs were raring to go. Nox was trying to get out before she was allowed out, she was so excited. She was told off, and Luna was allowed out, then Nox was allowed out.

We walked the dogs at the park for a bit. They were very well behaved on the walk. Then we walked them back to the truck and put them back into the pet taxi. The bottom of the taxi was dirty, so Bruce put the seat of the backseat up, and set the taxi on the platform. This is such a nice feature of the truck.

We went for about a 25 minute drive to get the dogs more use to riding in the truck. The dogs didn’t have any issues and seemed happy to get home and be let out of the pet taxi.

Nox Checking to See What I Am Doing

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