Donating Luna’s Clothes

October 14, 2021 Nox is a bigger dog than Luna was. She can’t wear Luna’s clothes and she doesn’t get cold the same way Luna did. Last year, if it was under 80 degrees F, Luna got cold. I would leave Luna’s light weight clothes in a handy locations so I could put them on […]

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More Snow

October 26, 2020 The temperature dipped into the single digits last night, 6 degrees F and the snow continued falling all day yesterday and last night. We got 7 1/2 inches of snow from this snow fall. Today is only supposed to get up to 12 degrees F and 4 degrees F tonight. I am […]

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Goodbye, Luna

August 20, 2020 As I write this, my throat is tight, my nose is running, and my eyes are leaking tears. We took my sweet little Luna to vet one last time today. I will remember the joy and delight she showed as she raced around the yard, when she played with her balls, and […]

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One More Med for Luna

August 18, 2920 If you read my post, Last Days for Luna?, you know that Luna is struggling. The vet wants to try giving her one more medication to increase her appetite. Luna did decide to eat some chicken last night. She didn’t eat a lot, but she does seem to feel a little better […]

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Last Days for Luna?

August 17, 2020 On Saturday, Luna was eating and seeming pretty much herself. On Sunday, she refused to eat anything except her favorite treat. This morning, she refused to eat anything, even her favorite treat. On Sunday, she started to really stumble around when she tried to walk. She has also started to just fall […]

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Poor Little Luna

August 9, 2020 Friday afternoon, Bruce looked outside and saw Luna hoping a bit. She didn’t want to put much weight on her right back leg. Bruce picked her up and cleaned out from between her pads. She sometimes gets pine needle stuck in her paws. When I finished work, I noticed she was still […]

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Early Evening Visitors

July 2, 2020 Last night, Nox started jumping on the fence and barking. Shinning the flashlight up into the pine tree on the other side of the fence revealed four baby raccoons. I didn’t get a picture of all four raccoons. We did not see the mother raccoon, so maybe she left her babies in […]

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