Downsizing (6) Getting Rid of Blankets and Clothes

January 23, 2020

We’ve started getting rid of the non-fiction books. I’ve been bringing them into work over the last two weeks. They are moving slower than the fiction books. The people that are interested in the non-fiction books seem very appreciative to get them, but fewer people seem interested. I’m giving away my gardening books, sewing books, the do-it-yourself books, text books, some travel books, sailing books, alternate energy books, how to paint, etc.

We took advantage of the long weekend to start going through our closets. We threw out some old pillows (who knows why we saved them). We found several things to donate. We had blankets that we hadn’t used in years, throw pillows, and a comforter with pillow shams. These items were in good shape and I felt someone could get some good use out of them.

Earlier, Bruce had gone through his clothes and set aside several shirts to give away. I went through a box of clothes and decided to give them all away, including my wedding dress.

On Monday, we drove to Goodwill and dropped off a trunk load of items we had decided to donate.

Last week, I gave away our tent to a co-worker who has a couple of children, who can use it to play fort. A friend is picking up a mid-century chair today after work.

It feels like we are starting to make some real progress in downsizing. Every time we get rid of something, it feels we are getting closer to the retirement RV dream.

Another Shelf of Books Gone and Nox with the Little Ball

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