Starting to Look for the RV (5)

The Momentum 376THS

October 23, 2019

Last week, I was looking at the Grand Design site to see if there had been any changes for 2020. There was a big one! The Momentum 376TH was no longer available for order; it had been replaced with the Momentum 367THS.

Grand Design moved the door and the dinette slide. You can now get into the bathroom and bedroom with all the slides in! The biggest downside to this RV had been fixed!

Grand Design also changed the kitchen layout. They moved the fridge so it would line up with the door, allowing you to get into one side of the fridge with the slides in. The second large pantry was removed, and replaced by a lower and upper cabinet by the stove. The lower cabinet allowed them to put a work space next to the stove. A window was added over the workspace and stove, allowing for a lot of light. The island was squared off and stools came with the island.

They also modified the bathroom. They moved the sink and toilet so they could provide access to the bathroom from the bedroom and from the hall. Cabinet space for the bathroom was lost.

I really wanted to see the changes. Bruce and I started looking to see if there was a local Momentum 376THS, and we found one at Cousins in Colorado Springs. Ideally, we would want to walk through both the 376TH and the 376THS. Windish RV had a 376TH, so we stopped at Windish and did a walk through of the 376TH. Then, we drove down to the Springs to see the 376THS.

Doing a walk through of both models so close together was very helpful. The change to the 376THS kitchen was overall very positive. I liked it better, even if some storage was lost. It was easy to see the lost storage from the pantry change. Storage was also lost on the left side of the kitchen; the controls had to be moved to the left side since the door had been moved. The controls were hidden in the cabinet on the left side of the 376THS. In the 376TH, the left side of the kitchen, there is full access to all the storage in the cabinets.

The living room was the same layout and the slide with the dinette was the same.

The bedroom was almost the same. There was a TV, but in the 376THS, it was no longer sunk into the wall. A sliding door to get to the bathroom was added.

The bathroom in the 376THS was very different from the bathroom in the 376TH, due to the change of putting in a sliding door from the bedroom. In the 376TH, the toilet was moved into the corner and storage space that had been above the toilet in the 376TH is no longer available. In the 376THS, the cabinet over the sink didn’t seem to be as big.

Now the question is, do these changes impact our plans?

376TH Layout from the Grand Design Site
376THS Layout from the Grand Design Site

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