Motorcycle Is Back after Service

March 16, 2023

Yesterday, Bruce drove Cliff the Big Red Truck to the motorcycle shop. While he was paying, I was looking at the jackets. Bruce’s winter jacket’s armor failed with no good way to replace it. He had been looking for a jacket online.

I found a nice jacket I thought would work for him. The clerk had gone to move the motorcycle to the front, so I got Bruce’s attention. He tried on the jacket and felt it was a good fit. The price was also right.

When the clerk came inside to hand Bruce the motorcycle key, Bruce laughing said, “Since you left me alone here, I found something else to buy.” Bruce bought the jacket.

He then took his gear from the truck and put on his new jacket. He headed out for a ride to check out his new tire.

I drove Cliff the Big Red Truck back to the RV park. I’m getting more comfortable driving Cliff, but it is still a bit of a challenge. I did not want to park the truck by the RV since the parking is so tight. I could just imagine hitting the pin box on the RV.

Bruce arrived at the RV park after enjoying his ride. After getting the motorcycle parked, he moved the truck in front of the RV.

Picture of Motorcycle at Honey Bee Park

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