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Bruce’s Shrimp Salad

I’ve been asked by several people if I had any leftovers or a lot of leftovers from my Mardi Gras party. I had one King Cake leftover when I took the leftover pieces from three King Cakes and put them together. When I brought the King Cake into work, it disappeared. I had about an […]

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Kibble for Luna

February 27, 2020 Bruce took Luna to the vet on Monday for her fluid injection, and he picked up renal failure kibble for her. Last week, Luna just refused to eat the canned dog food anymore. I tried picking some up in my fingers and offering it to her. I hoped she might think it […]

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Cooking Up a Party!

February 23, 2020 I have been cooking since 10 am today and I finished at 9:30 pm. I did take a 30 minute lunch break. I made three batches of gumbo, two batches of red bean, four king cakes, four loaves of New Orleans style bread, and 24 boiled eggs for stuffed eggs. I meant […]

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Luna in Her Jacket

February 21, 2020 It was cold enough (18 degrees F) this morning that I put Luna’s jacket on her before taking her out. After we came in, I took some pictures of Luna and Nox. Just thought I’d share.

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