Truck Alignment Fine, Needed a New Tire

April 22, 2023

If you are following our journey, you know we recently left Alabama to go to Louisiana. We discovered a tire problem as we went through our checklist. We replaced the failing tire with the spare tire.

On Monday (April 17), Bruce called around and found a place that would do a tire alignment on the truck. They told him to come on over and they would take care of it right away.

Bruce left right away. I got texts from him as the tire replacement happened.

Thank goodness we changed the tire before we left. Having a blowout on the truck while towing would have been a nightmare.

I am underwhelmed with the tires the truck came with. They have a lot of tread, but we’ve had to replace three tires in a little over a year. This is more tire problems than we’ve had than the previous twenty-five years.

9 thoughts on “Truck Alignment Fine, Needed a New Tire

    1. Thank you! I am glad our neighbor noticed the tire problem and we were able to use the spare. It looked scary to me to see how worn it looked on one part of the tread.

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  1. Did they check the ball joints? I thought the wear on my right front tire was alignment, but the mechanic who has it now (for the brakes) says it’s ball joints, so they are getting done before I get the camper back; it then needs new front tires and an alignment.

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