I Want to Go for a Ride!

March 10, 2023 I have mentioned in the past that Nox likes to ride in the truck. The other day, Nox wanted to go for a walk. Bruce put her harness on her and gave her a loose leash. By loose leash, Bruce lets Nox lead and doesn’t control her direction as much. A tight […]

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Honey Bee Park in Robertsdale, AL

March 5, 2023 We looked on Google Maps to find more parks nearby after our disappointment in finding two parks closed along the Mobile Bay. We thought we would stop at Gordon Coley Memorial Park, which is a veterans memorial park. It turned out there was no parking, so we didn’t stop. Bruce pulled off […]

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Washing the RV

March 3, 2023 On Wednesday (March 1), we decided the weather was perfect for washing the RV. It was overcast with no wind. Bruce went to the office to pay the $10 fee to wash the RV. They told him they would add it to next month’s bill. We brought out our Aero Cosmetics Kit […]

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Are the Parks Closed?

March 3, 2023 Bruce and I wanted to explore the east shore of the Mobile Bay area. I found some parks that got great reviews online. We decided to ride the motorcycle and left Nox at home. We rode through a cute little town, Dalphne, AL to get the May Day Park. When we arrived, […]

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Regular Living Tasks, Taxes

Updated: March 3, 2023 March 2, 2023 One of the normal yearly task is taxes and just because we are mobile, doesn’t mean we get to miss out on the joy that is tax season. After we settled in at Riverside RV Resort in Alabama, I completed our Federal and Colorado state taxes forms and […]

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