I Want to Go for a Ride!

March 10, 2023

I have mentioned in the past that Nox likes to ride in the truck.

The other day, Nox wanted to go for a walk. Bruce put her harness on her and gave her a loose leash. By loose leash, Bruce lets Nox lead and doesn’t control her direction as much. A tight leash means Nox has to heel.

Nox walked around the campsite a bit and made a couple of pee stops.

She then headed with great determination to the rear truck door on the drivers side. Nox knows which truck door is “her” door. She looked longingly at the door and didn’t want to continue on the walk. She even started to get on the running board. She wanted to go for a ride!

I have never seen Nox ask for a ride before. Usually, we tell her it is time for truck and she is ready to go. She will happily head over to “her” door and wait to be picked up. If she is very excited about the ride, she’ll try to get in the truck when the door opens.

Bruce and I were impressed that she wanted to go for a ride, but we told her, “No truck.” Nox continued on with her walk.

I think she got use to visiting my father-in-law on Jekyll Island and wanted to go see him.

Nox Clipped into the Truck

8 thoughts on “I Want to Go for a Ride!

    1. Nox still can surprise me with how well she can communicate without being able to talk. She was clearly ready to go! She liked going to see my father-in-law. She had a good time visiting with him and having more space to roam.

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