Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia

February 14, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day!

While we were visiting Jekyll Island, Georgia, Bruce, my sister-in-law, Nox, and I went to Driftwood beach.

We parked at the Jekyll Island Fishing Pier at the north end of the island. We started walking to the beach, by crossing a creek and a saltwater marsh along a trail. Once over the creek and marsh, we headed to the beach at the north end of the island.

We headed south along the beach. We could see St Simons Island across the river. I always love seeing the lighthouse.

As we walked, we started coming upon dead trees, partially buried or just on top of the sand.

After the tree climbing, we continued south along the beach. We saw more remains of the trees and eroded dunes. This is natural, as the island erodes from the north end and adds to the south end of the island, Glory Beach.

We did not walk all the way to the main beach access to Driftwood Beach. Nox got tired and had to be carried and we needed to get back so we could drive my sister-in-law to Savanna to catch her flight home.

We saw many birds at the edge of the sea.

On the way back, we saw one of the horse riding tours on the beach.

Nox wasn’t that interested in the horses. She was more interested in what I was doing.

As we were walking along, a large container ship went past in the river shipping channel at a faster speed than I expected.

The ship quickly made it out to the ocean and we continued back to the truck.

We headed back to my father-in-law’s house, past the main beach access to Driftwood Beach. It was a fun outing. It was a much less crowded part of the beach than the area around the main access to Driftwood Beach.

5 thoughts on “Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia

  1. Julia,

    Great pictures of Glory Beach (where the film “Glory” was shot. I especially liked the photos of the tilted tree and Nox peering out of the carrier at Bruce’s back! The driftwood is always dramatic/photogenic. Thanks for the tour of the south end of Jekyll Island

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