Blythe Island Bunnies at Night

February 16, 2023

On February 10 (Friday), we headed back to Blythe Island from Jekyll Island after visiting with my father-in-law.

I wanted to see the harbor lights across the South Brunswick River from the pier at the marina in Blythe Island Regional Park. Bruce drove to the pier area and parked the truck.

We got out of the truck and a orange rabbit started running towards me. I joked with Bruce by quoting some lines from Monty Python. Bruce was laughing quite hard at my response to the rabbit running up to me.

I told it I didn’t have any food for it. After it decided I didn’t have food, it tried Bruce.

Since it was dark some of the pictures didn’t turn out that great.

The orange rabbit sat up both times it begged for food. At least, I am assuming it was asking for food and not petting. We did not pet the rabbits.

We walked out onto the pier and due to the misting rain, the picture of harbor lights didn’t come out that well.

When we walked back to the truck, the rabbits ran towards us again. They even posed for us.

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