Glory Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

February 12, 2023

On Wednesday (February 8), Bruce, Bruce’s sister (my sister-in-law), and I headed to Glory Beach on Jekyll Island from my father-in-law’s house.

Glory Beach is the sea turtles’ nesting ground and more of an animal sanctuary. Dogs are not allowed on Glory Beach.

Normally, you get to Glory Beach from the Soccer Complex, but that access was closed off due to a large section of the boardwalk being missing.

We went to the 4-H complex and used the access from there to get to Glory Beach. Just walking to the beach along the boardwalk through the live oaks and over the dunes was beautiful.

The beach stretch out in front of us, with dry white and wet grey sands. We saw several birds, a sea slug, and a tiny crab.

We were impressed by the mast of the shrimp boat wreck sticking up from the sand. This is nature in action, as the sand is moving from the north of the island to the south of the island.

Mast of Buried Shrimp Boat

We started walking back to the truck from the ship wreck. We stopped at the 4-H pavilion to use their facilities. They had some information about segregation posted on the building.

Glory Beach doesn’t get many people on it. Dogs are not allowed since it is more of an animal sanctuary beach. It is a longer walk to get to the beach than many of the other beach accesses on Jekyll Island.

We enjoyed the peace and quiet, as well as seeing all the animals.

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