Red Bug Adventure on Jekyll Island, GA

February 5, 2023

On Jekyll Island, GA, you can rent an electric golf cart in the summer or a gas golf cart in the winter. The company that rents the golf carts is called Red Bug Motors, after the Red Bug carts used by the Jekyll Island Club members.

When you rent a cart, you have to stay on the roads. No taking the cart onto the beaches or the bike trails.

On Tuesday, January 31, we headed over to the Jekyll Island Airport to rent a Red Bug cart to see how fun it was. Their office is at the Jekyll Island Airport.

We brought Nox with us. She lay in my lap while I held her harness with my left hand. She loved the wind in her face.

We stopped at the wharf and walked around. Nox got to meet a very cute little dog.

We stopping at the boat ramp. We expected signs about Manatees, but there was a sign about whales along with the Manatee sign.

We took a spin around the parking lot for the water park. The parking lot was wide open since the water park is closed for the season.

Our next stop was Saint Andrews Beach. Nox enjoyed the walk until Bruce got too close to the water.

We rounded the south end of the island and passed some other picnic areas. We didn’t stop until we were at the Fishing Pier at the north end of the island.

We spent a good bit of time at the Fishing Pier. We did some walking on the trails and then some carrying Nox as we walked around.

Bruce offered to let me drive the Red Bug, but from his description of driving it, the driving part wasn’t that great.

Since I didn’t want to drive, Bruce headed the rest of the way around the island to the airport to drop the cart off at the Red Bug Motors office.

Being a passenger was fun! The sides were open, (no doors) so Nox and I got a lot of wind. It reminded me of being in the MGB, Z3 or the Boxster for openness. It was more open than the sports cars had been. It didn’t remind me of being on the motorcycle, since I am fully geared up and have a full-face helmet when I ride with Bruce.

Back of the Red Bug

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