Traveling to Florida

January 2, 2023

On New Year’s Day, we hitched the RV to the truck and pulled out of Pine Lake RV Park just outside of Columbus, GA at 9:05 AM.

It was very foggy to start. The fog had lifted somewhat when I took this picture.

We passed cotton fields, peach orchards, pecan groves, and solar farms as we headed east and south to Florida.

We pulled into a rest stop along the way, once we were on I-75.

We’re the first RV from the left.

We kept a steady pace in the right lane on I-75 around 60 miles an hour. The Welcome to Florida appeared and while the picture didn’t turn out great, I am still sharing it.

We passed palm trees and trees covered with Spanish Moss. We also passed Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

Just past the Florida Central Parkway, we ran into some stop and go traffic. Fortunately, there was a rest stop during this traffic. We pulled into the rest stop and got out and stretched. Nox was happy to get out of the truck and walk around doing Nox things.

The traffic had cleared some once we got back on I-75. We still had a lot of traffic to deal with for a bit, then it cleared up.

We made our turn off I-75 onto County 48 and then onto Trails End Road. Trails End Road is narrow and winding with a couple of unmarked narrow bridges. Our rig went from the yellow center line to the white side line. Luckily, we only had three miles to travel on this narrow twisting road.

The RV park had a large welcome sign. Once we pulled past the gate, we saw a sign asking us to call the office.

We stopped and I called the office. It just past 5 pm when we arrived. They sent a camphost to lead us to our spot.

Waiting for the Camphost

After we got set up, we went for a walk around the campground. They are on the Withlacoochee River, so we walked to the river.

The river had a fog rising from it and while the picture doesn’t capture the eeriness of the scene.

Nox was thrilled to have new smells and was very happy to explore the campground with us.

We were tired from the long drive and had an early evening.

9 thoughts on “Traveling to Florida

    1. We are just outside of Floral City, just north of Tampa. The campground is Trails End RV Campground, Floral City. It feels like we are at a state park or COE campground.


      1. That’s 42 miles from us! It looks like the Richloam Wildlife area is between us. What do you think about going hiking there?


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