So Cold!

December 24, 2022

We had a low of 12 degrees F last night. The furnace ran most of the night to keep us warm. We also ran the resistance heaters to keep everything warm.

To prepare for the cold, we used our heated water hose. To help prevent the waterlines from freezing in the TV, we opened the cabinet doors underneath the sink in the kitchen and bathroom. Nothing froze, so we made it through the worst of freezing weather. Yay!

To help keep warm, we rolled down both our day shades and our blackout shades on the windows. I used rolled towels above our headboard to block the cold from coming in from the garage into the bedroom.

Now that it has warmed up some with a bright sunny day (30 degrees F), we have opened the shades on the sunny side to get some solar heating.

12 thoughts on “So Cold!

  1. This reminds me of one December many years ago when I was staying in my sister’s travel trailer in Port Aransas on Mustang Island on the Texas coast. The wind was blowing through every crack and I kept thinking “they will find my frozen body tomorrow.” I don’t recall what kind of heat if any other than the burners on the stove, or maybe a small electric heater, since it rarely got very cold there. Thank goodness you are better prepared! Stay warm–at least the sun is shining again here but we are at the high of 29 now.

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