Ellerslie Park in Harris County Georgia

November 7, 2022

This morning, we rode the motorcycle to Pop’s Place. It is a cafeteria style restaurant with good home style Southern cooking.

After eating, Bruce asked me if I wanted to do anything. I said, “Let me check the attractions in this area.” Nothing came up, so I agreed to just go home. The motorcycle ride was already a fun thing.

As we were heading back towards the RV campground, we stopped at a light. I saw parking for Ellerslie Park; I got Bruce’s attention. He nodded, but since we were in the wrong lane to turn for the park he kept going straight when the light changed.

We saw another entrance to the park, so Bruce pulled in. This park looks very new. It looks like they are still working on it is some sections.

There is a playground.

There is a map of the park near the parking beside the larger pond.

We walked past the lodge to the pier.

We admired the fountain from the pier. We decided to try out the Boardwalk Trail.

There were several boardwalks along this trail.

The Boardwalk Trail took us to the dam.

I noticed a large bird in a dead tree. It remained in the tree as we got closer. As we walked around to the other side of the tree, it decided to fly to the other side of the large pond.

We continued our walk to the smaller pond.

The trail took us back to the main parking area.

The trails are wide, mostly free from tree roots and large rocks. They are generally easy to navigate. The Boardwalk Trail does have a hill that is easy to climb. The trail back to the parking lot from the small pond is uphill, but it is not steep.

I had no problems with my sprained ankle.

This was a beautiful stop and we enjoyed the hiking and scenery.

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