Sitting by the Campfire

November 6, 2022

Since the Lake Pines Campground allows campers to use fallen limbs and pine cones for campfires, Bruce and I thought it would be fun to have a campfire.

On Friday (November 4), I picked up fallen sticks from the woods behind our campsite and placed them near our rock campfire ring.

In the evening, Bruce started the campfire while I made pizza from scratch.

Once the pizza was done and cooled down a little bit, I put big slices on plates and we ate in by the campfire.

Picture by Bruce

Bruce and I enjoyed the evening. The weather was in the mid 70’s F and felt comfortable. Once we were done eating, Bruce took Nox for a walk and then Nox sat in my lap until it was time to go in.

Bruce poured water on the coals to make sure they were safely out.

I had already gone inside. I threw my smoky clothes into the washer and got a shower. After I was done with my shower, Bruce put his clothes in the washer and got his shower.

When Bruce finished his shower, I stared up the washer. 

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