Update on Convection Microwave Oven Problem

September 17, 2022

Since we are at River Ridge Retreat in Guntersville, AL for over a month, we decided now would be a good time to deal with the convection microwave oven problem. https://retirementrvdream.com/2022/07/22/broken-convection-microwave-oven/

While we were in Indianapolis, Bruce called the 800 service number to see if he could get something scheduled at that location. We got a call from a service center in Texas! The 800 number assigned a service center in Texas (our mailing address) to deal with our problem. On the 800 number call, Bruce had explained that we do not live in Texas and we would not be at that address.

Bruce explained to the Texas service tech that we weren’t in Texas and the service tech canceled his service number. We still had the service number from the 800 number.

Once we settled in at River Ridge Retreat, Bruce called the 800 again. They gave him the name of a business and a number to call. Bruce looked them up and was not happy with the reviews of the main office in Atlanta.

He called around to see if some of the the other shops in the area would be able to work on it. The answer was no. One did suggest that the burning smell might be grease or food needing to be cooked off.

While I didn’t believe that to be the case and Bruce didn’t either, we decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Bruce took the convection microwave oven outside and plugged it into one of outside plug-ins. We didn’t want to burn down our RV if it caught fire. We started up the convection oven and saw smoke coming out of the top. Bruce stopped the oven.

Since we saw the smoke, Bruce wanted to see if he could spot the problem. He took off the cover and the problem was easy to spot.

The convection oven thermostat had melted! While Bruce was comfortable with replacing the part, he was really concerned about what caused the part to melt!

I suggested that Bruce check to see if there were any recalls due to problems with the thermostat. He didn’t find anything.

Bruce got ahold of the service center and they are coming out on Tuesday. Hopefully, it will only take one trip to fix it and won’t cost more than the convection microwave oven is worth.

Where, Oh Where, Is the Smoke Coming From?

14 thoughts on “Update on Convection Microwave Oven Problem

  1. So, is this something not covered by a warranty? Or has time gone faster than I realize and you are beyond one year? In any case, the real issue is, like you said, what caused the thermostat to melt! Good luck!

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