Back from the Doctor

August 24, 2022

On Monday (August 22), Bruce drove me to Effingham, IL for my doctor’s appointment. We had decided to camp in Indianapolis, since we wanted to go either east or south. Taking the entire rig to the Effingham area would not be cost efficient.

We took Nox along with us and she happily slept most of the way there.

We left early enough so if we ran into any traffic, I would still make my doctor’s appointment on time.

We were so early that we went to a city park, Bliss Park. It was a beautiful little park and we sat at a picnic table. Bruce took Nox for a walk before sitting at the picnic table.

Nox was happily minding her own business at our feet, when suddenly she noticed a squirrel nearby. It noticed her just a bit later.

Nox went to the end of her leash and Bruce told her to leave it. The squirrel decided it didn’t like all of the attention and ran up a tree.

A bit later, Bruce dropped me off at the doctor’s office and the doctor was prompt. He was pleased with the amount of recovery and released me to start walking on my ankle. He wants me to take it easy and let my ankle let me know when to stop walking. He doesn’t want me to over do it. I also got another prescription to help with the pain and inflammation.

This was good news for me. I do need to go back and see him in a week.

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