Greenville Cypress Preserve

July 1, 2022

On Tuesday (June 28), the weather was in the 70’s and 80’s. Since it was so nice outside, we decided to do outside things.

We geared up and rode across the Mississippi River into Mississippi. Bruce stopped so I could get a picture of the Welcome to Mississippi sign.

We rode a short ways into Mississippi to see the Greenville Cypress Preserve.

It was an amazing experience. It felt so primeval with the cypress, duckweed, turtles, fish, and dragonflies.

They don’t have a lot of parking, but the preserve is well kept.

The trails are loop trails, with boardwalks crossing the cypress sloughs. There are educational signs placed through out the preserve. At the preserve’s entrance, there were several signs.

As we walked along the flat trail next to the meadow and cypress slough, we noticed these flowers.

The cypress were impressive. I was surprised at how tall they were.

Cypress that Had Been Stuck by Lightning

We crossed a bridge over very shallow water that connected tow of the sloughs. There were so many minnows in the water.

There was information on the Mississippi levee system. A pole showed how tall the levee is and how high the flood waters had been in past years.

As we followed the trail, we walked onto one of the the boardwalks crossing the second slough.

We stopped several times on this boardwalk, admiring the cypress trees, the dazzles of dragonflies, a turtle, and fish.

We walked over the boardwalk and continued on the trail.

We came to an observation deck over the slough. It was beautiful setting. The dazzles of dragonflies were flashes of jeweled colors against the green of the duckweed.

As we continued around the trail, there were many educational signs.

We crossed another boardwalk and saw more dragonflies.

This is a beautiful, special place. I am so glad we visited it.

8 thoughts on “Greenville Cypress Preserve

  1. Julia,
    Thanks for another tour. We lived in Mississippi for 13 years and didn’t get to see this marvelous place! You’re getting quite an education.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I grew up in Mississippi and had never been to Greenville before. It is an interesting place. We’ll be back to see museums there and maybe a park.


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