Into Kansas and Staying for Three Nights

May 18, 2022

See for our travels yesterday.

We got up this morning and started packing up the RV. While Bruce was walking Nox, I went to pay for our night at the park. I had an entertaining conversation with the gentleman who took the payment. We left the park at 8:20 am.

We carefully pulled out; it was tight. Then we worked our way along the interstate to the Saint Louis area. We bypassed the city by cutting up north and going across the top of the city. We picked up I-70 and followed it until Kansas City. We went on alt I-70 through Kansas City and onto the Kansas Turnpike.

We are planning to stop in Hays, Kansas for three nights. I’ve got a friend who lives there and I promised to stop by and visit the next time we were crossing Kansas on I-70.

Nox has been a trooper for this long day. At one point, she started getting antsy, so we pulled off at the next rest stop for her. She needed the bio break.

We are almost to our campsite in Hays, KS. The GPS says we are 27 minutes from the campground.

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