Septic System Sorta Recovered

March 25, 2022

We had several sunny days and the septic system at the KOA seems to have recovered. Thankfully, we no longer have the stench from The Bog of Eternal Stench.

Yesterday, we had rain most of the day. The lake came back partway through the day. The park once again set up a sump pump to drain the lake. The pump did not keep up with the water.

This morning, we had still had a waterfront property. The sump pump had blown the breaker during the night and stopped pumping.

We carefully stepped onto our portable step and onto fairly dry land. That is, land not covered by water; it still squished.

Picture Showing Portable Step

The picture above is an earlier picture. The water was much deeper today. The water was under all four feet of the step.

Bruce carried Nox out to the truck and hooked her into the backseat. I waited on the other side of the road while Bruce backed the truck out of the lake and drove us to Jekyll Island.

I am glad we are expecting sunny days for the next few days.

Original Lake Picture

I didn’t take any new pictures this morning, so I am reusing an earlier picture as it looked very much the same!

6 thoughts on “Septic System Sorta Recovered

    1. Thank you. KOAs cost more, so I expect more. If this was another type of park, it would be different. Our next long term stop is a Corp of Engineering Campground. They are usually very nice campgrounds and well designed.


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