Visiting Jekyll Island, Georgia

March 11, 2022

We drove from our campground (St Mary’S KOA) in the rain to Jekyll Island, Georgia to visit with Bruce’s dad. we stopped at the visitor’s center and bought a annual pass. Since we will visiting many times, it was cheaper for us to get an annual pass for $55 than to pay $12 for a day pass every day that we visit.

Once we got to my father-in-law’s house, we visited with Bruce’s dad while it rained. It did stop raining after a bit, so I took a walk around the yard with Nox and took some pictures of the flowers.

Bruce and I walked down to the beach with Nox. Nox cares not for the surf. Bruce walked her down to the water line and Nox did not like the waves coming after her.

Here is a historic marker for Captain Wylly.

4 thoughts on “Visiting Jekyll Island, Georgia

  1. What a beautiful place! Out of all the dogs we have had, only 3 of ours loved water, the German Shepherd, and two lab mixes. Our full-blood labs HATED water. The GSD loved it so much he would go jump in the bathtub which meant he wanted a bath. Hope you enjoy the rest of the visit.

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