The Color Purple: The Musical Filming at Jekyll Island

March 21, 2022

As we drove onto Jekyll Island this morning, we noticed one of the large beach areas was closed off. It had a large tent set up and lots of food trucks around it. We thought it was a farmers market or maybe another art show.

As we passed the entrance, there was a sign “for crew only”. We drove past the next large beach parking area and there was a sign “base camp”.

We got parked at Bruce’s dad house and decided to go for a walk on the beach. We came back along the old beach road.

As we walked back, we passed the base camp.

I did a quick search on who was filming and I thought I had found it. The Walking Dead came up, but that was a previous year. A little more work determined that Warner Brothers was filming “The Color Purple: The Musical” was being filmed at Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach.

There are have been many different films or shows that have some parts filmed on Jekyll Island. Here’s a link:

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