A Walk Along Jekyll Island, GA Ocean Beach

March 27, 2022

Today, we walked along Captain Wylly Road to the ocean beach. There is a sign devoted to the history of Captain Wylly Road. My picture of the sign is facing towards Captain Wylly Road and not the beach.

There is a beach access just off the beach bike path just a short ways from Captain Wylly Road. The beach access is a boardwalk and then steps. In other places, the beach access have ramps.

Bruce asked me which way to go and I decided to go left, which is north.

There were birds along the shore line and in the water.

A large piece of driftwood had washed ashore.

I could see the St. Simons Lighthouse from the beach and I took some pictures from the beach.

We walked along the beach until we reach an access point that the tide was hitting the bottom step. (The first picture above) We timed it so when the wave was out we could leap onto the steps.

From the beach access I took some pictures of the dunes. I liked this picture the best.

We walked back to my father-in-law’s house along the bike trail. This made a beautiful loop for a walk.

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