Spare Tire Replaced… the Rest of the Story

March 29, 2022

While Bruce was changing the flat tire, he didn’t have the jack in the right place at first. The truck started lifting, then there was an unpleasant sound and the truck dropped. Bruce said some four letter words that I won’t repeat.

This is when he went back and looked at the manual and then he reposition the jack.

Bruce was concerned about what he broke, so he drove slowly back to the campsite.

The next day, he called around to find a tire. He dropped off the wheel to have the tire replaced and then he drove to the RAM dealership to have the front end checked.

The mechanic looked at it and said it would be fine for a couple of weeks, unless Bruce was planning on towing a trailer. Since we are planning to tow our RV on Thursday, Bruce explained the situation to them and they got him in. He had broken the front stabilizer.

The dealer had the part and got the truck fixed in a couple of hours. $500 well spent for our safety.

Bruce picked up the spare tire. The tire place didn’t have the extension to balance the tire. The duals tires are to deep.

We’ll have to get that tire balanced at another time.

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