Dade Battlefield Historical State Park at Bushnell, Florida

February 20, 2022

Today, we decided to explore the Dade Battlefield Historical State Park.

Nox went from this:

Upside Down Sleeping

To this at the park:

At the entrance, the park has envelopes for visitors to pay on the honor system. It was $3 per vehicle and $2 for walkers or bicycles.

The park has very nice facilities. They even had spots for large vehicles. This was vey helpful to us since we brought the truck so we could bring Nox. There were several families using the picnic pavilions. The children were playing tag in the field next to the pavilions. This pavilion was empty.

Another pavilion had a cannon that is used during re-enactments. This pavilion was rustic.

The Nature Walk is a half mile loop. The trail is flat and covered with long leaf pine needles. Grass and small plants grow in the path. Oak trees and pines provide shade along the trail. As we walked along the trail, we came to areas scented with honeysuckle blooms.

In other parts of the park, there were azaleas blooming under the massive oaks.

The visitors’ center was closed for remodeling.

And just which historical battle was fought here? From the park’s web site:

“On December 28, 1835, a column of 107 officers and men under the command of Brevet Major Francis Langhorne Dade was en route from Fort Brooke on Tampa Bay to reinforce the garrison at Fort King in present day Ocala. About 50 miles short of their destination, they were attacked by 180 Seminole warriors in a pine forest in present day Bushnell.

All but three of the soldiers were killed, while only six warriors fell in the battle. Known at the time as the Dade Massacre, Dade’s Battle of 1835 sent shock waves across the nation. It marked the start of the Second Seminole War, the longest and most costly American Indian war in U.S. history.”

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