Just a Fun Sunday

December 14, 2021

On Sunday, December 12th, I wanted to visit the Edgewater Public Market in the city of Edgewater, CO. The Edgewater Public Market is a food hall, with many restaurants, a few art galleries, and some other shops. One of my co-workers had mentioned that the Edgewater Public Market had an Ethiopian restaurant and I wanted to try it out. I love Ethiopian food!

We took Nox for a long walk before we left to go to the Edgewater Public Market. We walked up the hill from the RV park to Tin Cup Hogback Park. As we walked toward the Rooney Road Sports Complex at the far end of the Tin Cup Hogback Park, we saw a skydiver canopy. We couldn’t tell where it was exactly, but we decided it would be fun to walk over and see it up close.

As we walked toward the sports complex, Nox enjoyed the strong breeze that was lifting the skydiver canopy up. She loves the wind in her face! Bruce and I made guesses as to what the skydiver was doing. We wondered if they had landed and were trying to put away their canopy. As we watched, the canopy kept going up, and then it would go down.

Once we got to the Rooney Road Sports Complex, we found the skydiver was on one of the soccer fields. He was practicing taking off and landing. We stopped and watched him for a bit. While we were watching, he unhooked from his canopy and come over to get some water from his truck. We talked to him for about 20 to 30 minutes.

While we talked to the skydiver, Nox kept looking at us with that “come on” look. She sat down and after a bit, she lay down. Then, she wanted a pickup. I picked her up and held her for a bit. The skydiver wanted to get back to his practice, so we said goodbye.

I put Nox back on the ground and she happily trotted along as we walked back to the RV park. Nox got a treat for being such a good dog. She was tired out from the walk and she curled up in her bed.

Bruce and I geared up and rode the motorcycle to the Edgewater Public Market. We put most of the gear into the saddlebags and went into the large building. It was a large food court set up, with some actual restaurants, a bar, and a brewery. We walked around the edge of the food area to see all the different types of food.

Bruce and I agreed to split our food. Bruce ordered tacos from Carnivore Taqueria while I ordered from Konjo Ethiopian Food. Bruce ordered three tacos, a shrimp taco, a carnitas taco, and a blackened tuna taco. I ordered Beef Tibs with a side of tikel gomen (curried cabbage, carrots, and potatoes). It also came with a salad, two rolls of injera, and injera under the food. I also ordered a sambusa.

Bruce ate half of each taco and I ate half of my food. Then we switched plates and talked about the food to compare opinions. We agreed the Ethiopian food was very good. The shrimp taco and the carnitas taco were just okay. The blackened tuna taco was very good.

We cleaned up. We took a walk around the retail area in the Edgewater Public Market and looked at the art galleries.

We then went outside. There are some additional buildings along the edge of the parking lot. We stopped at R&R BBQ and bought a rib plate and a two meat plate to eat for lunch on Monday. We did try everything once we got home. The ribs were dry but very tasty. The hushpuppies were good. The pulled pork was okay and became good with the spice BBQ sauce added. The spicy andouille sausage was a disappointment. It was good sausage, but we found some uneatable hard bits. It also was not what I would consider andouille sausage. It had more fat in it than andouille sausage normally has and the spice mixture wasn’t right for andouille sausage.

We stopped at Shake Shack and I ordered a milkshake. Getting the milkshake home was a trick. Bruce took the BBQ containers out of the bag and put them in the saddlebags. He put the shake cup in the bag and set the cup so it would stand upright next to the BBQ containers.

The day had cooled off, so the ride back home was a little chilly. It made me wish for my winter gloves. Bruce stopped the motorcycle on the road behind the RV and I hopped off. I opened the garage door and Bruce rode the motorcycle into the garage and parked it. He took out the food and milkshake. The food and the milkshake made it safely home from our outing.

Nox was delighted to see us and she wanted some of the food she could smell. It was too bad, so sad, you don’t get any of that food Nox. I finished my milkshake and told Bruce that I didn’t need any supper. Nox needed a walk and we took a short walk along the dog walk. She wanted to play ball when we got back to the RV.

This was such a fun day!

Nox and the Little Ball

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