Showing Off the RV

November 24, 2021

Since we’ve moved back to Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, CO, which is only four miles away from the office, many of my friends from work have wanted to stop by and see the RV.

Most of my friends have stopped by at lunch, toured the RV, and then we have headed to Wrigley’s Bar and Grill for lunch. A few people have stopped by after work and toured the RV.

Bruce and I start the tour in the kitchen, as it is a very impressive kitchen for an RV. I’ve had people tell me that I have more storage in my RV kitchen than they have in their house or apartment kitchen. Riverstone makes it a point to mention, that they have the largest kitchen of any standard RV. There are some custom RVs that might have larger kitchens. Features include: soft close cabinets and drawers, magnetic catches on cabinet doors, pull out drawers inside of cabinets, a residential stainless steel Samsung fridge, a stainless steel dishwasher, a large stainless steel sink, a four burner stove with an oven that will hold a half sheet baking pan, a stainless steel convention oven microwave, and cutting board storage.

After the kitchen, we move on to the living room, with the large TV, fireplace, theater seating, Bruce’s built-in desk, and my desk. Under my desk is Nox’s bed. We also show off our Firefly system at this point. The Firefly system does a great job of displaying the tank levels, turning on/off the lights, and controlling the slides and awnings.

Next, we head down the short hallway, and I open the bathroom door. People admire the shower and often comment on the fold-up seat in the shower. Many are surprised at the size of the bathroom. It is not large, but it is arranged well.

Then, we step into the bedroom. Bruce likes to point out how one has to turn sideways to move along the side of the bed. I show off the wardrobe slide and then, one of us moves the mattress to show the ceiling of the garage is the base of the bed. TADA! I have the big reveal, the show off the stacked washing machine and dryer.

Different things impress different people. The dishwasher impresses mostly women. The overall kitchen impresses just about everyone. The theater setup for the TV impresses men mostly. The shower seat impresses women and shower skylight impresses men. As I pull back the sliding door in the bedroom, I get oohs and ahs, with big smiles as the washing machine and dryer are revealed. The washing machine and dryer seem to impress everyone!

On Monday, I did a tour for our RV neighbor who had the spot next to us. She had been considering buying a washing machine and dryer since their Class A is prepped for them. She was excited to see the washing machine and dryer installed. She wanted to know the size of loads, how did I like the machines, and so on. I opened them up to let her see the size of the drums. I pointed out features. I mentioned that I really loved having a washing machine and dryer.

I love my RV and really enjoy showing it off!

8 thoughts on “Showing Off the RV

      1. I love seeing how clever van conversion are. It is amazing how much can fit into a van, allowing someone to have so much of the creature comforts in such a small amount of space.

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