Update on Low FODMAP Diet

November 19, 2021

I wanted to provide an update on Bruce’s experience with the low FODMAP diet. This is not a diet to lose weight, but to tame lower GI distress. Bruce has been on the low FODMAP diet since September of 2020.

First, we limited the foods that Bruce ate to only low FODMAP for a couple of weeks. He found the lower GI distress went away. This was a huge relief for both of us. As we added foods back to Bruce’s diet, we discovered that corn syrup and corn syrup solids cause most of his problems. Onions and garlic are also culprits. I now use mostly onion powder and garlic powder to get the flavor I want without using onions and garlic bulbs.

I have found cooking onions until they are caramelized makes them safe for Bruce to eat. I have also discovered that using onions and garlic bulbs for a dish once a week won’t cause him problems. When he eats them more often than once a week, they cause him issues.

Every once-and-a-while, Bruce will eat something that he didn’t realize contained corn syrup and he will have lower GI distress again.

He loves ketchup and most ketchup contains corn syrup. I found a great corn syrup-free ketchup for him. It is Mutti Italian Ketchup. It tastes like ketchup, but with a more tomato taste. It is expensive, but he finds it worth it.

The good news is the low FODMAP diet is working for him, and I don’t find it hard to cook around it.

11 thoughts on “Update on Low FODMAP Diet

      1. Thanks! Most foods that are home cooked don’t have corn syrup in them, which is why we aren’t concerned when we eat with friends. Pecan pie usually does have corn syrup in it, so of course it is his favorite pie! If you make pecan pie, just let him know so he won’t eat it. I made one without corn syrup on Sunday to take to a dinner party, so he has really had his allotment of pecan pie until Christmas!

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  1. We have Fodmap charts on the refrigerator. Robert says this information has been much more helpful to him than the doctor’s advice. Nice to know you have figured out Bruce’s problem foods. thanks for posting this helpful information, Julie! ❤

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