Donating Luna’s Clothes

October 14, 2021

Nox is a bigger dog than Luna was. She can’t wear Luna’s clothes and she doesn’t get cold the same way Luna did. Last year, if it was under 80 degrees F, Luna got cold. I would leave Luna’s light weight clothes in a handy locations so I could put them on her if she started shivering.

As I was clearing out the house, I found Luna’s clothes packed away. After Luna went over the rainbow bridge, I had gathered all of Luna’s clothes up, washed them, and put them in a bag to give away. I know there are other little dogs out there who could use a warm shirt, sweater, or jacket. We even had shoes for Luna to keep her paws warm. She hated the shoes and walked so funny with them on, that we finally gave up on the shoes.

Last week, we donated the clothes to the Foothills Animal Shelter. We got Luan and Nox from the Table Mesa Animal Shelter, which became the Foothills Animal Shelter. They took good care of Luna and Nox until we adopted them. I also donated some old towels, as they are always looking for old towels.

What are you doing with Luna’s stuff?

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