Taking a Break From Emptying the House

October 14, 2021

After spending the week packing up the house, Bruce and I were ready for a break. On October 9th, we met Jeanne from A Jeanne in the Kitchen and her husband, Larry in Old Town Arvada, CO for the Scarecrow Festival around 10:30 AM.

We parked and walked to Old Town Arvada and got a big surprise! Since the last time we had been in Arvada, they had turned most of the downtown into a walking mall. The restaurants were using the road as outdoor seating.

We met at Penzeys Spices and Jeanne and I proceeded to shop for herbs and spices.

Jeanne Buying Herbs, Orange Peel, and Spices

In the town square, they had booths and a pumpkin judging contest. There was a car show on the western edge of Old Town Arvada.

After walking around a bit, we found a restaurant to try and ate lunch on the patio set up in the street. It was a little windy, but otherwise, it was a perfect fall day to eat outside. See Jeanne’s post, Lunch at Lady Nomada’s for details.

The historical flour mill was open for free tours, so the four of us took a tour. There were very knowledgeable volunteers. There was a volunteer dressed as a gold miner who was very entertaining as he gave us a history lesson. He did a great job of staying in character as he told the history of the gold rush.

After enjoying the mill tour, we walked around outside of the mill to see the old farm equipment.

We then stopped at Rheinlander Bakery, which was founded in 1963. They are one year older than me! Larry and Jeannie shared a treat and Bruce got a chocolate and cashews with raspberries cluster.

It was so nice to take a break from moving out of the house. We had a perfect fall day and the company was great!

We went back to the house and did more packing.

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