Walking Around Sand Creek Park in Aurora, Colorado

September 4, 2021

Yesterday, we drove the 2 miles from the Denver Meadows RV Park to the Sand Creek Park with Nox.

We started walking around the park on the wide concrete trails, when we started to get sprinkled on. This put a halt to the planned walk. We headed back to the parking lot and stopped at the pavilion to see if it was going to stop raining. The answer was no, so we headed back to the RV.

Since it was raining, we left Nox at the RV and headed over to the Aurora History Museum, which will be another post.

After the rain was over, we went back to the RV and picked up Nox. We went back to the park and walked around a bit.

Today, we headed back to Sand Creek Park and explored the western end of the park.

There is a children’s playground right by the parking lot, made mostly from logs. I didn’t get any pictures of it since Bruce’s knee was starting to bother him and he wanted to get back to the truck.

Nox was tired after the walk and took a nap.

Napping Nox

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