Aurora History Museum

September 5, 2021

I took Friday off as I was told my PTO was about to cap. This a four day weekend and I can see how much fun being retired will be.

Since we got rained out of our walk on Friday, Bruce and I stopped in at the Aurora History Museum last Friday. It is a free museum and the lady running the desk was very friendly and helpful. We got a map of the Aurora trails, Aurora historical sites, and a flyer listing small museums in Colorado and parts of Wyoming.

The museum had one room devoted to the parks of Aurora.

I have got to stop taking pictures at an angle!

Another room was devoted to the history of Aurora, Colorado. They had two timelines, one showing what was happening in Aurora and another showing what was happening in the world. This was a very interesting way to see history and to see how world events impacted local events. They also had a fallout shelter set up.

The next room was full of artifacts from various time periods in Aurora’s history.

Then, the crowning glory of the museum, is a restored trolley car, car 610.

There are pictures on the walls on the way out.

This was a fun place to visit during a rainy afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Aurora History Museum

    1. On a day like today, when it is in the 90’s F, it would be a great day to spend in the museum. I enjoy going to small museums. It is always interesting to see what a town finds important.

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