General’s Park in Aurora, Colorado

July 31, 2021

On July 17th, we decided to explore the area near the RV park. We walked out of the RV park, along Potomac Street which becomes 17th Ave. We saw a deer resting under the bridge on our way to 17th Avenue.

17th Place Bridge with Deer Under It

We crossed the light rail tracks and Fitzsimmons Parkway. We walked north along the sidewalk next to Fitzsimmons Parkway to 17th Place.

We continued along the sidewalk, heading west along 17th Place until 17th Place dead ended into a beautiful park between the college buildings. We continue west through the park, enjoying the sculptures. We walked through the park then along some small streets until we reached Peoria Street. We walked south along the Peoria Street sidewalk.

When we reached General’s Park, there was a fence around it. We kept walking until there was an opening in the fence and we walked into the park through the opening.

The park has beautiful trees, a pond, and several pavilions. It also has public toilets.

There were so many dragonflies! I got a good picture of one!

We continued our walk by heading back to the RV park, walking east along Colfax. We stopped in at a Panera to get an icy cold drink. It had gotten hot.

Once we reached Fitzsimmons Parkway, we turned north on it to reach 17th Avenue. We crossed the Parkway and the light rail tracks and as we walked back to the RV park. We checked to see if the deer was still under the bridge, but she was gone.

Nox was very happy to see us when we got back to the RV.

Really, you go off and leave me and then expect me to be happy when you get home?

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