When Grass Seeds Attack

July 16, 2021

On Wednesday, Nox was shaking her head a bit and scratching at her ear. By Thursday, she was shaking her head and scratching at her ear almost constantly. When she wasn’t shaking her head or scratching at her ear, she was walking with her head at a funny angle.

Bruce held Nox and tried looking in her ear with a flashlight to see if he could see anything in it. He didn’t see anything wrong.

Since she continued to shake her head and scratch at her ear, Bruce took Nox into the vet today. Can you guess what the vet found in Nox’s ear? That’s right, a grass seed. So $90 later, Nox left the vet with the grass seed removed and ear medicine.

Nox is just having the worst time with the grass seeds attacking. So far, we have spent more than $180 on dealing with the results of the grass seeds attacking Nox.

Nox Walking with Her Head at an Angle

3 thoughts on “When Grass Seeds Attack

    1. Yes, Nox’s ears stick up, which is why I think the grass seed could get into her ear. Luckily, we got her to the vet before it became a real problem. The grass seed in her paw was really painful for her. I agree, the grass seeds are really nasty. It does seem like the grass seeds are gone now.

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