Update on Nox’s Foot

July 13, 2021

Bruce took Nox to the vet this afternoon. When the vet was examining the red spot on Nox’s food, the vet was pleased to see that it had deflated. She was even more pleased when a sharp grass seed came out of the red spot. The grass seed was what had caused the problem.

We have been checking Nox’s feet for the sharp grass seeds after every walk lately, as Nox picks them up between her toes and they hurt her. Somehow, we missed this one.

The vet said Nox’s foot should be recovered enough in 48 hours that she would no longer need to wear her cone. While Nox has been enjoying the cone way more than expected, I think she’ll be happy to no longer wear it.

When Bruce came back to the house, he was carrying a no bandage Nox. She was looking around very happily. After Bruce put her down and gave her a treat, she was delighted to run around a bit. Then, she came over and tried to take over my chair mat.

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