Watching Fireworks From Top of RV

July 6, 2021

We had planned to spend part of the 4th of July at Jeanne’s (from a Jeanne in the Kitchen), but Bruce started to feel sick on Friday afternoon. We didn’t want to expose anyone to whatever Bruce caught. I had really been looking forward to going to Jeanne’s party –

With Bruce not feeling well, we mostly stayed inside the RV last weekend. We did take Nox out for a few short walks. We even tried out the Nox backpack.

Bruce Taking Nox for a Walk

At 9:00 PM on the 4th, we tried to take Nox out for a walk to allow her to complete her nightly stops. She was so frighten by fireworks that she wouldn’t walk. She kept begging for a pick up. We gave up and put her back in the RV. The RV seems to be a safe place for her. She was fine inside the RV; she wasn’t frightened at all.

Bruce and I wanted to watch the fireworks that were going off to the north, east, and south. There didn’t seem to be any displays on west side. To see the fireworks better, we climbed on top of the RV and sat down. It was such an amazing show. We would watch fireworks explode and we would ooh and ah. There was a professional show to the south of us that was framed by two trees. They did several fireworks rings, as well as the star burst. I didn’t take my camera with me, so I only have the memories of the beautiful fireworks.

Nox was happy to see us when we went back into the RV. Her happiness level didn’t seem to be any higher than any other time we left her at the RV and came back. I am glad she feels safe in the RV. I had been worried that with us gone, she would be frightened of the loud noise the fireworks were making.

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