Afternoon Walk in Park Near RV

June 20, 2021

Yesterday, Bruce, Nox and I went for a walk. We headed into the neighborhood north of the RV park. As we walked to the neighborhood, we passed a prairie dog colony.

Barking Prairie Dog

The prairie dogs barked as we walked by. Nox was very interested in the prairie dogs, but we convinced her that they would not be friends.

We walked through the neighborhood to Confluence Park, which is really more of an open space than a park. It had trails and one trail goes all the way to the Star K Ranch Open Space.

We saw a deer and two fawns in the creek.

We also saw a hawk on a wire with a couple of swallows.

We crossed the walking bridge and started walking back to the RV park on the opposite side of the creek.

There were flowers along the way

We got back just before the thunderstorm hit. Nox did not like the thunder. After the thunderstorm passed, Nox passed out. It was a long walk for a little dog, even if Bruce carried her part of the way. We walked 2.8 miles according to my Fitbit.

Nox Worn Out

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